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Brilliant Burritos!

Year 6 have kicked off their food tech with brilliant burritos!

In Best Class, we have ventured into the world of food and nutrition as part of our Design and Technology learning. Our focus question is 'Can street food save us?'.

We have looked into Mexican street food as a focus and the health benefits they provide. We linked it to our learning about carbon footprints and the environmental impact food has around the world. 

We then planned our burritos with the equipment, ingredients and we wrote a method to complete them with. We ensured that the food we put in had health benefits, and we tried to keep the carbon footprint as low as possible. We made sure we were safe by learning two cutting techniques - the bridge and the claw. Hopefully you will notice them in the photos! We did this with the vision for DT:

Be innovative. Be hands-on. Be diagnostic. 

Enjoy some pictures of our work and hands-on making!