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Judaism in Year One

Jemison class have explored Jewish artefacts, symbols and the importance of the Torah.

Our RE vision is:

Be curious.  Be informed.  Be reflective.

Year 1 have become more informed about the world as they have been introduced to a new religion: Judaism.  They began the topic by reflecting on symbols and how images or items can have a special meaning - such as a heart or recycling symbol.  We learned that just as the cross is the symbol of Christianity, the Star of David is the symbol for Judaism.  

The children were very reflective and respectful when handling a range of special Jewish artefacts and have remembered their meanings and uses.  They also have begun to explore the Torah and its importance in Jewish life, including the respect shown to it displayed in the beautiful and symbolic covers they are given.  Our class have been creative as they designed new Torah covers including Jewish symbols, such as the menorah, Star of David and kidush cup.