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Lunar New Year in Nursery

We had great fun celebrating Lunar New Year in nursery!

Over the last couple of weeks, Nursery have been busy joining in with the Lunar New Year festivities, which are celebrated by many in the Chinese community all around the world.


Fine Dining

A celebration has to have food - and we loved  cooking and eating our noodles and rice!

Chopstick Games

We practised our fine motor skills using tweezers and chop-sticks.


Small World Party

We had a Lunar New Year party at our small world table and built our own houses of bamboo.

Dragon Dances

We learnt about the importance of the Dragon Dance in the celebrations and decorated dragons using the auspicious Chinese colours of red, yellow and green.


Masks and Lanterns

We made dragon masks and lanterns for our very own dragon dance.

We have been busy in nursery living up to our Early Years Vision:

Be an Explorer. Be a Trier. Be a Talker. Be a Creator.


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