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Super Science Trip!

Science Museum Trip for Year 6!

This week, Year 6 ventured across London to visit the Science Museum. Our current topic about the human body has led us up to the point of revisiting the digestive system. 

When we arrived, we explored the space exhibit to recall our learning from Year 5. We then had an interactive lecture called 'It takes guts'. It really did take guts not to throw up with some of the information and activities we saw! Firstly, we looked at the main food groups and how easily our body takes to burn these. We discussed a balanced diet according to the science of this. 

Then we took part in an interactive digestive system. We saw how the teeth support us followed by the saliva. We then saw inside an oesophagus which made us a little sick! We then looked at the acids and enzymes that are acting in the stomach and saw this. We then saw how nutrients and water is taken out by the small and large intestines and released via the rectum. We were sprayed with saliva and had to take cover, making the whole lecture great fun! 

In the afternoon, we had an hour exploring all manner of sciences in the amazing 'Wonderlab', where you can see us with reflections, friction, puzzles, vapour and much, much more. 

A big thank you to the parents that came and supported us on our trip, we are very grateful!

We explored the museum through the vision for science of:

Be academic. Be curious. Be practical. 

We definitely were all of these, enjoy the photos of our amazing trip: 


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