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Pancakes, Planting and Painting

We've picked some of our favourite activities over the last couple of weeks in McMillan Class to share with you - have a look and see!

Pancake Day

Pancake Day saw the nursery busy cracking eggs, pouring milk and shaking flour to make our pancake batter. We then stirred thoroughly to make sure there were no lumps! They must have been good - because everybody wanted seconds!


World Book Day 

We love dressing up in the nursery! Here we have Elsa, Super Mario and Minnie Mouse!

Planting and Plant Watching!

Now it's Spring, we have been inspecting our new flowers, grown from the bulbs we planted last year, but also planting ready for next year!

But just when we thought it was safe to plant our bulbs - this happened! However, we loved the snow!

Polar Bear Painting

The snow tied in nicely with the current focus for our Bears topic. We are learning about bear habitats and have been discovering new facts about Polar Bears using the book 'The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud'.

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