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Year 1 scientists – Wild and Free!

Wild plants are all around and now year 1 can identify them and name their parts!

Our vision for Science is:

Be academic

Be curious

Be practical

In our Science lessons, we have been learning all about plants and their key parts: flower, bud, stem, leaves, roots.  We have thought about the function of each part and its position on a plant, for example, roots at the bottom to anchor it into soil and draw up water.  The children connected to their prior learning about animals, recognising that though plants are living things that need air, water and space, unlike animals they cannot move freely.

This week, the children learned the names of common British wild plants that grow naturally in our surroundings without being planted or looked after by humans, such as dandelion, daisy, grass, nettle, bluebell, poppy, and forget-me-not.  We even spotted a few in and around our school!  The class worked in small groups to match names to photographs. 

Next week we will learn about garden plants as well as having the opportunity to plant our own seeds and observe as they grow!


Going on a plant hunt


Classifying Plants

Labelling parts of a flower







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