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Terrific Taxonomy in Year 6!

Carl Linnaeus Classification of Invertebrates. We showed we have a backbone and persisted with the difficult task of classifying. 

In year 6, we have been studying 'Living things and their habitats'.

We have already learnt about the life of the Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus who created the taxonomy system to organise living things - 1705.

This week, we were challenged to explore invertebrates (living things without a backbone) using the classification method of taxonomy, remembering that our Curriculum Vision for Science is to : 

Be academic - Be curious - Be practical

We were most definitely practical in our observations and our sorting and classifying of the creatures. We also were academic in using our new knowledge about the different 'class' to sort them. 

Next week we are moving onto classifying invertebrates that we don't know!

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