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Exciting Evolution Theory!

Year 6 are exploring Darwin's ideas of evolution and inheritance.

In year 6 this half-term we are looking into the theory of evolution and inheritance. In the lesson before, we looked at how living things have changed over time and the theory of this through fossils. We learnt about the range of body, mould, cast and trace fossils and how some scientists use these to predict what an animal or creature was like in the past. 

This has led us to delve deeper into the Theory of Evolution. Today, we looked at how life on Earth has changed over time. We did this by researching and creating a timeline of living things. You will see in the pictures, we created our own timeline and then did this on a scale size outside to show the length of time!

We did this through our science vision:

Be academic. Be curious. Be practical. 

Scale Mathematicians 

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