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Mad About Minibeasts!

We have been Busy Bees in nursery! Which is just as well when we  are  - 'Mad About Minibeasts!'

Take a look at all the minibeast related activities we have been up to as we learn more about these amazing creatures who - as the poem in our focus text tell us - live by the water, live in the air and live underground.

We have been exploring new books and activities, trying out new creative skills and talking about all the fascinating facts we are learning!

We are living up to our Early Years Vision - Be an Explorer. Be a Trier. Be a Talker. Be a Creator.


Minibeast Painting and Drawing 



Minibeast collage -  a spider's web

Butterfly printing - we learnt that butterflies are symmetrical



Minibeast sorting - shall we sort by colour, or size, or type? 

Ladybird counting - just as the poem suggests!


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