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Playground Updates!

Check out all the fantastic plans we have for our outdoor spaces to be completed before the Summer term!

Right now, lots of our outdoor play spaces are undergoing significant redevelopment. We are really excited about the works. Have a look at all the improvements we have planned. 

What a great time to be at St George's! 

Our Nursery and Reception outdoor space:

Planned developments:

  • Resurfacing with Playturf
  • A large extended shelter reaching out from the Reception and Nursery classrooms for all-weather outdoor provision 
  • Fencing for more zoned play
  • A large climbing area, including netting and poles
  • A tunnel and ramp for physical development
  • Moveable climbing apparatus
  • A new large playhouse


View 1: From above

View 2: Physical Development area with new climbing opportunities

View 3: The sheltered outdoor area for all-weather outdoor learning


Our Key Stage One Playground

Planned developments:

  • Designated sports pitch surfacing
  • A trim trail with opportunities for high and low movements
  • A large climbing apparatus with room for multiple pupils
  • Moveable construction blocks for imaginative play
  • Large storage for a wider array of outdoor loose parts play


View 1: From above

View 2: Climbing apparatus and trim trail with new safety surfacing

View 3: Outdoor moveable construction blocks for imaginative play

View 4: Sports pitch surfacing


Our Key Stage Two Playground

Planned developments:

  • New safety surfacing
  • 3 challenging climbing apparatus, including pull up bars, for physical development


View 1: From above

View 2: New climbing apparatus


Exciting times are ahead! We look forward to improving our pupils' opportunities for imaginative play and physical development. 

Please click on the attachment below to see these pictures and more.