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Super Separators

Year 5 have been separating substances in science. 

Our first topic of the year for science is 'Properties and changes of materials'. To begin the topic, we reminded ourselves of different materials and their properties. From this we learnt about mixtures and solutions and how a solution is a type of mixture where a substance dissolves in another substance, e.g. salt in water. From learning about mixtures, we conducted a scientific enquiry into separating mixtures, which links to our scientific vision of:

Be academic. 

Be curious. 

Be practical. 

To begin, we separated solids using a sieve. 

We learnt that the best way to separate rocks was through a sieve. 

We continued by separating water and sand using a filter and filter paper. This ended with the sand in the filter paper and the water in the jug. 

Finally, we separated metals from other materials. To do this, we used a magnet, as we know metals are magnetic. 

Have a look at some of our outcomes. 

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