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Fire! Fire!

The London Fire Brigade came in to talk to Year 5 about fire safety. 

At St Georges, we know about the importance of keeping safe! We were lucky enough to have a member from the London Fire Brigade to come and talk to our year 5 children about fire safety on Wednesday 27th September. This fits in with our RSHE vision:

Be healthy. 

Be safe. 

Be resilient.

To begin the talk, he spoke about the different emergency services and how to contact them. 

He continued the talk, explaining about what to do to help prevent fires. I am sure everyone is now going to make sure they keep their doors shut at night and unplug any non-necessary appliances at night. However, the main one we are all going to make sure we are up-to-date is making sure our smoke detectors are working. 

The next part was all about what to do in a fire. Children got to act out different scenarios, but the key message was to call for help and to get out as quickly as possible. We also learnt about the importance of touching the door handle to check if it is hot or cold. This will determine whether it is safe for us to leave a room or if we should stay inside with the door shut. We learnt about so many possibilities and what to do in each situation. 


We would like to thank the London Fire Brigade for this informative session. I am sure some children will want to work for the LFB when they are older now. 

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