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Healthy Me!

Kahlo Class have become experts on being healthy this week as part of our topic 'Ourselves'.

Our curriculum vision statement for the Early Years is:

Be an explorer. Be a trier. Be a talker. Be a creator. 

In English we have enjoyed being 'talkers', reading and re-telling the stories "Oliver's Vegetables", "Erol's Garden" and ''Handa's Suprise". 

We have been learning all about healthy eating and enjoyed being 'creators', making our own fruit salads. We wrote shopping lists so Miss Sarris would remember what to buy!

This week in phonics we learnt the sounds 'b', 'l', 'f' and 'h'. Can you think of any fruit or vegetables that start with one of those sounds? 

In Maths, we have been making comparisons between objects relating to size, length and weight, as well as learning to subitise and compose numbers within 3 as part of the mastering number programme.

Role Play and Retelling


Fruit Salads






Expressive Arts and Design