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Leafy Madness!

Tull Class have been exploring the textures of leaves. Combined with this knowledge and their refined drawing skills this term, they have created beautiful, naturalistic final art pieces!

This first half-term, Tull Class have been looking at still life. We looked and focused on the artist, Giorgio Morandi. Giorgio Morandi was an Italian painter whose artwork is noted for its tone and simplicity of objects such as vases, bottles, bowls and flowers. We explored his techniques while looking into his still life sketches of these items. We used his techniques and combined them with nature. Then we learnt about the textures of leaves and how the veins of leaves stick out and create different prints when rubbed over with wax crayons.

This led to  Tull Class creating their final art pieces on leaves. Our final pieces depict the work of still life and textures together. First, we all went out on a hunt in the playground to find our favourite fallen leaves. We then created a background with a wash of colour so that our artwork really stands out. Finally, we drew the contour lines of our leaves in 3 different ways and coloured them with different wax crayons.

We have done this through our Art Vision:

Be creative. Be proficient. Be reflective.






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