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Autumn & Avocados: Making Displays in Nursery

Our Early Years vision statement at St George's is:

Be an explorer. Be a trier. Be a talker. Be a creator. 

Nursery have certainly been busy exploring and creating this week to create our very own Autumn and Avocado themed displays. 

Linked to our topic of 'All About Me', we have been exploring the seasons, as well as healthy eating.

The children have been fascinated with the changes occurring to the big tree in our early years area - so fascinated that we decided to create our very own indoor autumn tree! The children talked about how the tree would need to look and what colours we needed to create an autumn tree. Have a look below at the tree we made using collage, painting and printing techniques.

For our healthy eating focus, the children have been learning all about different fruits and vegetables. They particularly enjoyed making salt dough model fruits. They also loved the book 'Avocado Baby', or as they call it 'Strong Baby': a book that definitely shows how important fruit is for a healthy diet. The next cooking activity in nursery is definitely avocado on toast!

Autumnal Exploring

Display Creating

Salt Dough Fruit & Vegetables








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