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Harvest Festival at the church.

Autumn time is here and with this comes our very popular Harvest Festival at the Church.

Our culture statement at St George's says:

We are together. 

One of the communities we are in together is our church community. 

On Thursday, years one to six set off for Saint George's Church to celebrate Harvest Festival.

Faith Group led our worship by talking about the importance of Harvest, not just here in the UK, but also around the world.

We thought together about how a seemingly small action, like donating a tin at harvest time, can make a big difference to someone in need. Similarly, by following our school Eco Charter, our small actions can help keep our planet healthy and ensure successful harvests, both at home and abroad. Together, at St George's, we can achieve 'great' things!

To illustrate the importance of positive action, no matter how small, Father Richard told us the story of the The Mouse and the Lion.

Our service concluded with thoughtful harvest prayers written by the children.

Making our way there

At the Church


Faith Team Leading Worship


Father Richard's Story

Singing Together

Offering up Donations