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Faithful Pilgrimage!

Best Class took a trip to Southwark Cathedral to learn about pilgrimages. 

At the start of this term, we have been looking at the unit 'Should every Christian go on a pilgrimage?' Before we went, we looked at what a pilgrimage was and some of the other religions around the world that have them. 

At Southwark Cathedral, we were greeted by two excellent volunteers who quizzed us on our knowledge of pilgrimages and gave us the task of thinking about why people go on them and should everyone go on one? 

We then learnt about Thomas Becket. He famously fell out with King Henry the 2nd. He was then murdered at his Cathedral in Canterbury. The Pope made him a saint in 1173 and people have visited him since. One such journey is taken from the site of Southwark to Canterbury as a pilgrimage. With this in mind, we dressed as folk from the 12th century and enacted this pilgrimage to the site of Canterbury and learnt about the different types of people that would take these journeys and why. We also dressed up as people from that time, as you will see in the pictures below!

We did this all through our R.E. vision:

Be curious. Be informed. Be reflective.