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Tull Visit the Horniman Museum

Close to home, Tull Class visited the Horniman Museum to explore the key topics we have been learning in Science.

We started this half-term with a fantastic trip to the Horniman Museum, just up the road from our school. Following our learning last term in Science on 'Living Things and Classification', we concluded our topic by having a special hands-on session delivered in the Horniman Museum about vertebrates and invertebrates.

We were lucky enough to be able to explore 2 rooms before our session. This included the natural history room and the aquarium. Pupils were given paper to sketch their favourite animals and fishes they had seen. We were also given a trim-trail activity for the natural history room. Pupils worked together to find the animals on the trail, have a read about each one and how they are classified.

In our session, pupils were very curious about the different animals they were able to explore. Tull class summarised and reflected on their learning about the key features of species, which are vertebrates and invertebrates, through the matching and classifying activities laid out on the tables.

This fits in perfectly with our science values of:

Be academic. Be curious. Be practical.