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Danish Dining

In Year 5, we have been making smørrebrød.

To begin our D.T topic, we are looking at 'Food and Nutirtion'. This topic is always very exciting, as we get to try new foods from around the world and learn new cooking techniques that we can use at home. 

Be innovative.

Be hands-on.

Be diagnostic. 

To begin with, we learnt about our key chef - Georges Blanc - and how he is creating healthy and nutritional foods in his restaurants. Key figures are always looking for ways to improve the UK diet and researchers are always looking to other countries for inspiration. 

For this lesson, we focused on the diet in Denmark. We made geographical links, as Denmark is relatively close to the UK and therefore has a similar climate and range of foods. The Danish cuisine has an emphasis on the use of high-quality local produce and innovative cooking techniques. 

Smørrebrød is a traditional open sandwich that can include a variety of toppings. However, the key component is rye bread. This bread is dense bread high in fibre and has complex carbohydrates and proteins, which, of course, is much healthier compared to some of the breads we may get in supermarkets. We then topped this with a variety of vegetables, cheese and some home-made spreads. 

We had great fun creating our smørrebrød, which you can see in the pictures below. 

Can you create your own ones at home? 

We look forward to continuing to learn about healthy cuisines around the world and the different breads that have been made.