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What trees are around our school?

Jemison Class are tip-top tree classifiers!

At St George's, our Science vision is:

Be academic. 

Be curious. 

Be practical. 

In this lesson, Year 1 pupils were asked to develop their working scientifically skill of identifying and classifying, being academic, curious and practical along the way!

They were introduced to 4 different types of trees: Beech, Oak, Scots pine and Horse Chestnut.

Using a magnifying glass, they were able to observe each individual leaf and identify which tree it had come from!

They could link their prior knowledge of seasons and how some trees lose their leaves during the autumn and winter months then grow again in spring. Additionally, how some trees do not lose their leaves at all throughout the year. Pupils also had the opportunity to look at what grows from each tree:

  • Oak trees – acorns
  • Scots pine trees – pine cones
  • Horse Chestnut tree – conkers

Have a look out to see if you can spot any Oak, Scots Pine, or Horse Chestnut trees when you are out and about. If you are unsure which type of tree it is... ask Jemison class for help!




Recording our Findings

Tree-mendous Classifiers!

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