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Busy Builders!

As part of our topic 'Ourselves', Reception have been learning about different homes and families this week.

Our Early Years Vision at St George's is:

Be an explorer. Be a talker. Be a trier. Be a creator. 

We have really been triers and creators this week!

In English, we have been enjoying different stories, such as ‘Home Is Where the Birds Sing’ by Cynthia Rylant, 'Peepo' by Janet and Allan Ahlberg and ‘My Family and Other Families’ by Lewis Edwards. We enjoyed looking at and discussing the similarities and differences between our homes and the home from the past in Peepo. 

We have also been persisting with using our phonics to label our homes and families.

In expressive arts and design, we have been creating different types of homes using a range of construction and junk modelling materials. We have been experimenting with different media and techniques as well as working as a team to create our homes!

Constructing Homes