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Tull class makes pizza!

In DT, Tull class spent an afternoon making pizza from scratch.

Our DT focus this half-term has been food and nutrition. We have spent time looking at different diets and what food is good and bad for our health. This lesson we looked at how pizza is not unhealthy if made at home with great ingredients. The nutrients in pizza include: the base dough made of flour (carbohydrate for energy), tomatoes (vitamins) and cheese (protein and calcium). A survey of people from 24 countries found that pizza was their most popular dish.

Our Curriculum vision for Design Technology at St George's is:

Be innovative.

Be hands-on.

Be diagnostic.

Tull class had a great time cooking with their peers.

They were innovative whilst applying their understanding of healthy eating as a group and following cooking instructions when making their pizza. This hands-on lesson included pupils working together in groups of 6 to measure the flour and combine the ingredients to form the dough. Pupils took turns kneading the dough and formed balls so they each had their own dough to work with to make their shape base. Finally they added their tomato and cheese toppings.

Out of the oven, all pupils were able to enjoy their cooking creation!