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Awesome Orienteering!

St George's tested their geography skills in their Orienteering Day!

Our curriculum vision statement for Geography is:

Be an explorer. Be global. Be outdoors.

Our Geography awareness week finished on Monday by completing Orienteering Day. Each class in school took part in a range of activities related to navigation and orienteering. All pupils were exploring and outdoors - living out our curriculum vision statment. 

In Reception, we looked at the basics of movement and direction, learning new language skills. In Year 1, we stepped up this knowledge by looking at what North, East, South and West mean and used these in a range of activities. 

Year 2-3, we all took part in our orienteering activity around St George's. We were given a map and then had to use our reading skills to work out where each numbered flag was to find the stamp on our answer sheet. 

Year 4-6 also did this with an added activity learning the symbols that the map used to navigate, relating this to real ordinance survey maps.

A big thank you to our Year 6 'Little Leaders' who supported the classes throughout the day.

We did this through the Geography vision in which we were definitely explorers and outdoors!