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Who's been eating my porridge? We all have!

It's time for a  favourite nursery tale, 'The Three Bears' , as part of our new nursery topic 'Bears'.

Nick Sharratt's 'Goldilocks', a modern take on a classic tale, is a big hit in our nursery! In this version, Goldilocks has her hair in 'funky dreadlock style'. However, one thing definitely remains the same - the importance of porridge!

Our vision statement for Early Years at St George's is:

Be an explorer. Be a trier. Be a talker. Be a creator. 

This week, we have certainly been creators: we created our very own portions of porridge!

Take a look below to see how we made our delicious bowls of porridge.


We poured in oats.

We poured in water.

We mixed together.


We cooked in a very large pot!

Then we poured on milk and added a little jam or sugar.




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