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Print Perfect

In Year 5, children have been learning to print. 

In Year 5, our topic was 'Printmaking'. To begin with, we looked at Andy Warhol's work and discussed what we liked about it and what was similar. We noticed how lots of his work saw the same image repeated a number of time. For example, the famous piece of Marilyn Monroe: 

We used this as inspiration to create our own prints, which fits in with our art vision of: 

Be creative.

Be proficient.

Be reflective. 

To begin with, we made an incision into polystyrene tiles to create a shape of a leaf.

Once we made our tiles, we then added a lighter colour of yellow using a printing roller. After adding the paint, we then turned it over to print it onto our pages, starting the reduction printing.

Once we completed this with the yellow, we then cleaned our tiles and added red. 

To complete the printing, we did one more round but with blue paint to create our final pieces. 

Once we had completed our printing, we then analysed our work. Children discussed what they liked about their prints and what they would do differently next time. All children were able to reflect on their learning and really like the different 'vibrant' colours that came through, but next time might change their incisions to create an alternative print. 

We look forward to our next topic, which will be learning about textiles and collages. 

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