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Leaders taking control!

Our year 6 Little Leaders have been helping run fun games and activities for our Fit4Life club. 

Over the half-term, children have developed their communication and collaborative skills to deliver exciting and fun games to our Fit4Life club weekly.  The leaders meet with Miss Michell, our Sports Lead, every week to train on how to lead. Here, the year 6 leaders work on their communication skills as well as their leadership skills. The children work in groups and come up with a small fun activity, e.g., target throwing. They then split themselves into an explainer or demonstrator.

As well as delivering games, the leaders also demonstrate all the Sporting Spirts and encourage the children in the club to reach their potential. This can be either on a 1:1 basis when completing a level 0 (personal best) exercise or in a smaller group where they encourage each participant. This meets our P.E vision of:

Be passionate. 

Be respectful. 

Be determined.

Fit4Life Club

The Fit4Life club is run by our sports lead and supported by our leaders. It comprises of year 3 and 4 children and focusses on fun and engaging games for the children to be active and most importantly, have fun! At the end of each session, we go back to our Sporting Spirits and see what spirits the children have met and why. 

Have a look at some of the fun games that we do with our brilliant leaders delivering the games.


There are so many fun games that can be done with the parachute. The club's favourites are 'Cat and Mouse' and 'Lifeguards'. 


An old classic, where children have to get the other team out by throwing balls at their opponents and having to 'dodge' the balls themselves. This always brings great laughter and a smile on all children's faces. 

Level 0 - Personal Best 

Our leaders will come up with an activity, where children will complete it independently for 60 seconds. They then complete it again and try to beat their own score. Here, their challenge was to throw the ball against the wall and catch it. Each child worked 1:1 with a leader, who was there to encourage, support and give them tips on how to beat their score. 

Category Run

This game is the club's favourite game, which we do at the end of every session. The leaders set up two lines and children have to run from one line to the other without being hit by the tennis ball. The year 6 leaders will call a category and the children run if it applies to them. 

We look forward to continuing developing our leader's leadership skills and the running of our Fit4Life club as well as multi-sports days for EYFS and KS1.