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Tull Class Visit the Mandir!

Year 4 had a great time visiting the Hindu Temple in Lewisham this week! 

We have been studying Hinduism in RE. Our RE vision is:

Be curious.

Be informed.

Be reflective.  

Recently, we learnt about the importance of the Mandir to Hindus, the items that are inside and how Hindus worship there. Once the children were informed, we went to see this learning in real life at the Mandir in Lewisham.

First, we removed our shoes and put them on the shoe rack which is required to enter a Mandir. Then, we looked around the temple, spotting items we had learnt about, such as the main shrine, the bell, the sacred texts, statues of the deities and the Aum symbol.

The priests and staff at the temple were so welcoming and helpful. Children were curious by asking them questions about how they worship and which deities their temple was dedicated to. We were also given flowers to offer to the Gods/Goddesses, and they even provided us with a juice and biscuit at the end of our visit!

The children in Year 4 were very respectful and reflective, putting their learning into context and finding out even more about Hinduism! Check out the photos below to see how much we enjoyed it.