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Dissection Discovery!

Best Class transformed into brave cardiologists this week, looking into hearts!

At St George's, our curriculum vision statement for science is:

Be academic. Be curious. Be practical. 

The last two weeks in Year 6, we have been exploring the heart. This is part of our greater unit, 'The Circulatory System'. Last week, we were academic and curious, increasing our knowledge about the circulatory system by looking at the 4 key components of the heart. We then looked at their individual purpose within the system. 

This week, we turned this into a practical lesson and used working scientific skills to identify and explore the parts of the heart in real life (with a lamb's heart). We were able to identify the 4 key chambers of the right and left atriums and ventricles. We also could identify and see the thickness of the pulmonary artery. We could see the smaller arteries and veins and thought about how thick and impressive this muscle is to carry on throughout our lifetime. 

Below is a range of pictures of our work and some of us dissecting the heart. 


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