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Taking Centre Stage!

Year 5 started their drama workshop at Deptford Green. 

Our curriculum vision for English at St George's is:

Be a reader. Be a writer. Be a communicator. 

As part of being a communicator, we offer opportunities for pupils to act with subject specialist drama teachers. 

This week, Year 5 went to their first drama workshop lesson at Deptford Green. The workshop will take place over 6 weeks, every Tuesday morning for an hour. We are extremely lucky to have this incredible connection, where the drama teachers at Deptford Green are running a workshop for our year 5 pupils and teaching them all the different dramatic techniques, letting them practice them using a proper stage.  

To begin the session, our drama teacher (Mr Jones), got everyone to complete some warm-up activities. These included copying games, where the children had to follow his movements. Then they moved on to some freeze frames, where children had to move around, then freeze in different characters - e.g., someone chopping wood. 


Then, children were told to put themselves into groups of different numbers and freeze as a certain object beginning with a letter. Have a look at some of the freezes. Can you guess what they were? 

To complete the session, children were put into groups and asked to create a morning scenario, where the children had to act as different parts, creating the whole room, e.g., kneeling to create a bedside table. After working collaboratively together, the children then performed their pieces to the rest of the class, who were an extremely respectful audience. 

We look forward to our next session on Tuesday.