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Improving School Lunches Together

This week, School Council gave some constructive feedback to our School Lunch providers. 

At St George's, our vision statement says:

Be great. 

As part of being great, we give pupils the chance to become excellent leaders. Our Pupil Leadership Team lead on many initiatives across the school and this week they have been very busy...

Across the week, School Council representatives have been speaking to their class, to find out what our pupils enjoy about school lunches and how they can be even better. 

We found out that our pupils really enjoy our current lunch offer.

Today, School Council met with a representative from Olive Dining, our school lunch providers.

All school councillors represented their class well. They gave feedback that was helpful and constructive. We are looking forward to seeing how school lunches will get even better in the future due to our young pupil leadership team. Check out the pictures below to see how we got on.