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Spring has Sprung in Nursery!

Now that spring is here, the nursery have been learning all about the changing of the seasons.

Take a look at how busy we have been talking about seasonal changes as we read books on the subject, explore spring-themed artwork by Monet, and create our own Monet-inspired masterpieces - as well as observational paintings of our spring hyacinths grown by nursery!

We also learnt that spring time is planting time, so we have been busy sowing seeds - carrots this week!

We certainly been living up to our Early Years vision:

Be an Explorer. Be a Trier. Be a Talker. Be a Creator.

Monet inspired spring art work

We love colour mixing to produce just the right shades!


Observational Hyacinth paintings

We used our great observational skills - very scientific!




We planted our  carrot seeds - fingers crossed for a bumper crop!