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Feel the Force!

On Wednesday 13th March, year 5 went to the Science Museum. 

In keeping with the theme of the week - Science Week - Year 5 went to the Science Museum on Wednesday 13th March. 

Be academic. 

Be curious. 

Be practical. 

To begin the day, we attended the Feel the Force show, which explored different forces and great interactive demonstrations on how the forces worked. This linked really well with our learning, as our previous topic was forces and children were able to recall key facts and showed great knowledge of influential scientists. 

Following the show, we then had a look at the space showroom. As our next topic is all about Space and Earth, this was great for pre-learning and to engage the children in facts about Space. We also had a look at the Transport showroom, which will link with our upcoming D.T project, where children will be learning about engines. 

After lunch, we then went to the Wonder Lab. This is a fantastic area in the museum, where children can fuel their curiosity in a hands-on exploration lab. The unmissable interactive experience allowed children to play with forces and get up close to some explosive experiments. Have a look at the photos and some of the activities the children took part in. 

We look forward to taking the learning into our new topic of Space.