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What did Mary Anning discover?

Jemison class have been learning all about Mary Anning and what she discovered!

Our History vision at St George's is:

Be inspired. 

Be academic. 

Be reasoned. 

In this lesson, children were inspired to find out that Mary Anning discovered many different fossils near to where she lived (a seaside town called Lyme Regis). The cliffs around Lyme Regis were unstable, which meant searching for fossils was dangerous. Despite this, she went fossil hunting on a daily basis and wanted to discover something extraordinary. In 1811, Mary and her brother Joseph discovered a new fossil called an ichthyosaur (fish lizard), and took months to dig out the outline. This fossil was 5 meters long! 

She also discovered a Plesiosaur - the children were shocked to find out that this fossil is actually in the Natural History Museum in London!

Pupils were asked to sort out true or false facts about Mary Anning. 

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