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St George's 1st Science Fair!

Last week we had our very first St George's Science Fair!

During British Science Week, we held our very first St George's Science Fair. It was a resounding success with entries from our littlest in Reception through to Year 6!

We asked our young budding scientists at St George's to create a project, investigation or poster that they could show at the fair. We were overwhelmed by the positive response and are grateful for the fantastic parent support in this venture. 

Our Head Girl and Head Boy judged this alongside the science lead, Mr Bayne. 

There were fantastic entries from volcanoes, magnetic slime, ecosystems and even elephants' toothpaste!

Our winner was Ibrahim in Year 5, with a great model project on how we can save our planet. He also gave an informative explanation that won over the judges!

This was all done using our scientific vision:

Be academic. Be curious. Be practical. 

Here are some of our entries: 


Our winner on ways we can save our planet with a moving model: