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Biomorphic 3-D Art!

Year 6 have stepped into the world of 3-D artwork this half-term!

This half-term we are looking at 3-D art. We have begun by revisiting the skills we had learnt previously making artistic bowls. 

This year we are using the same skills and developing these into 3-D sculptures. We have been inspired by Dale Chihuly, a well-renowned artist for his works with glass which have created a revolution in the media. He has worked in hotels and has sculptures in public places that use vibrant colours and bring joy to the viewer.

We are going to be following this style and creating our own biomorphic (life-shaped) art based on flowers. We started by looking at patterns and colours we like using tissue paper. This week we then started to have a go at some of these designs with PVA glue and a bowl to create the images below. 

We are going to evaluate our work so far ready for the final piece!

We have done this through our art vision:

Be creative.

Be proficient.

Be reflective. 


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