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Complimentary Colours

In year 5, we made 3D bowls using tissue paper. 

For art in year 5, our new topic is '3D art'. To begin the new unit, we learnt about our key artist - Barbara Hepworth. Children looked at various pieces of art she has created and explained what they liked about the different pieces and saw links between her art. The class favourite was the Pelagos, as they like the way it curved and looked like the peeling of a fruit. 

After our understanding of 3D art was solidified, we then went onto creating our own 3D pieces. This meets our vision statement for Art of:

Be creative.

Be proficient.

Be reflective. 

We made 3D bowls out of papier-mache. We learnt that this is when you use paper and glue to create something solid. First, we reminded ourselves of the colour wheel and chose 2 or 3 colours which were next to each other on the wheel that complimented each other (analogous colours). After we had picked our colours, we then got our bowls and added cling film to the bowls. We then used the PVA glue and water mix to put onto the cling film, followed by small bits of tissue paper. We repeated this process with layers and layers of tissue paper and glue to get the papier-mache effect. 

Once we had covered the whole structure of the bowl, we applied one final layer of the glue/water mix to ensure the 3D form was there. Once dry, we removed the plastic cling film from the armature, which left the form of a 3D shape of a bowl. 

Have a look at some of the outcomes.

Which colours do you like best? 

We look forward to continuing our learning of 3D art, where we will be moving on to using clay. 

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