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Let's get the current flowing!

This term in Science, Year 4 have been looking at the wonders of electricity.

Our new science topic this term has been all about physics! Tull class have been exploring different sources of electricity and the components needed in a simple series circuit. Children learnt that you need certain components such as a battery, wires and a bulb to complete a circuit for light to show. 

To put this learning into practice, Tull class conducted an experiment where they investigated the difference between a closed-circuit and an open-circuit. Working together, pupils had a battery source, 2 wires and a bulb. Pupils needed to connect the wires to either side of the battery and a bulb so that the current can successfully pass through. Pupils learnt (alongside hand actions) that when the circuit is all connected, current can pass through, which in turn switches on the bulb. However, when the wires are not all connected, it is an open circuit as the current cannot pass through.

Pupils thoroughly enjoyed this science lesson and it linked perfectly with our science vision of:

Be academic. Be curious. Be practical.