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Get Up On The Dance Floor!

On Tuesday 7th May, we held our first Dance Showcase!

For the very first time here at St George's, we hit the dance floor, combining our creative and active skills. On Tuesday 7th May 2024, all children from years 1 to 5 came together showcasing their dance routines that they had learnt in their Spring 2 dance units for P.E.

Each year group focused on a different genre of dance, with performances ranging from ballet in year 1 to Bollywood in year 5. All dancers worked together to create their routines with great respect and teamwork. This fits with our P.E values of:  

Be passionate. 

Be respectful. 

Be determined.

Each routine involved learning news moves, which linked to that specific genre. Children then worked as a class and in small groups to build on the choreography showing artistic skills of being:

Be creative.

Be proficient.

Be reflective. 

Enjoy a small glimpse into our show through pictures. 

Year 1

In year 1, their focus was movement. They used the instrumental of Disney with the focus of ballet, showing great control and movement in unison. 

Year 2

In year 2, children worked on moving to different rhythms with a street routine. This involved children working as a whole unit with a multi-step choreography and individual expressions of movement. 

Year 3

In year 3, the theme was story telling. They focused on the story of Jesus arriving in Jerusalem using the song Jerusalema, expressing celebration using African dance moves as a whole class and individual groups. 

Year 4

In year 4, their focus was control of motion linking to action films. They performed to the theme tune of Mission Impossible, showing power and action choreography.  

Year 5

Year 5 travel to India. Their theme was Bollywood, which incorporates Indian traditional dance. They learnt discrete dance movements and then used them to create a group routine.

What a fantastic event! Everyone was left inspired to go bigger and better next year! Come and see some routines at the upcoming Celebration of Arts Festival.