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Tull adventure to the National Gallery

Year 4 had the chance to see the most amazing and influential portraits and paintings at the famous National Gallery.

Our culture statement at St George's is:

We are fun. We are together.

What better way to live out our statement than to go on exciting trips as a class. To feed into our Art curriculum vision statement of:

Be creative. Be proficient. Be reflective. 

Tull class had the chance to visit one of the most famous Art galleries in the world: The National Gallery.

The journey started by walking to Forest hill station and catching the train to Whitechapel. We then boarded the Elizabeth line to Tottenham Coart road. After a short walk, we reached the centre of Trafalgar square and in front of us was the magnificent National Gallery.

Once we made our way through the busy entrance, we were kindly taken to the learning centre in the building. Luckily, we had the hall to ourselves so we could sit and be together. The Myths and Legends tour began with our tour guide showing and explaining the meaning behind different famous paintings. We explored the way in which artists have told stories through paint and how they plotted complex narratives, created atmosphere and introduced characters. We also had a chance to discuss the paintings and explore other paintings around the hall with partners and groups.

Feeding into our knowledge of George and the Dragon. Our tour guide showed us Jacopo Tintoretto's painting of St George slaying the dragon. Pupils really enjoyed talking about this and discussing what they know.

Finally, we took an in-depth look at Luca Giordanos painting of Perseus turning Phineas and his followers to Stone after beheading Medusa. Pupils also loved exploring and talking about this painting as they found this Greek mythology story really interesting.