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Moon Buggies

Year 5 had their first 'D.T day', where they completed their mechanics unit. 

In year 5, we were lucky enough to have Martin (Mr C) come in and teach the class mechanics, with creating moon buggies as an end product. 

Martin, who is a D.T specialist, began the session by reviewing their knowledge of the Solar System. As this was a crescent unit, the children's knowledge was exceptional, and they taught him some fascinating facts. We then focused on the moon and the surface of the moon. From this, we looked at pictures of moon buggies and why they were designed the way they were. This then led us nicely into starting our structures for our buggies. This links to our D.T vision:

Be innovative.

Be hands-on.

Be diagnostic. 

To begin, Mr C modelled how to use all the tools safely. We then went onto measuring and cutting the wood to an accurate size, then using strong PVA to put the pieces together. Children worked together in groups and showed fantastic teamwork and leadership qualities, as they all had to take on different roles. 

Mr C modelling the measuring and cutting of the wood
Children cutting the wood using a junior hack saw and a bench hooks

Using the jigs and glue to put the base together

After the children had made the base, they then had to add wheels. They did this by adding axles and wheels. Followed by adding a top to the buggy and adding a unique design. 

Getting ready to add the axles by adding the holes for the axles to fit through for the wheels to attach

Adding the tops to our buggies

Adding designs

Adding the engines

Once all the buggies were made, we then took them to the hall and put them to the test by racing them. It was great to see that they all worked. However, there was one clear winner. Can you guess which teams won?

We would like to thank Ms Hall for organising this fantastic day and Mr C, who taught the children some fantastic new skills. 

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