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Nurturing Nature!

Best Class took a trip to Horniman's Pond for a session in nature!

This week, Year 6 went to our local museum, Horniman's. We took part in a pond dipping activity to find out how healthy our local ponds are. 

First, we looked at how to scientifically investigate the pond's health. We then took part in 5 experiments. 

The first was to test how many insects and other life were in the pond to check its health and diversity of life. We found that it contained many insects, from mosquito larvas to blood worms.

We then checked the PH scale, using litmus paper dipped in the water. This meant we could check its alkaline or acidity, which we found to be slightly alkaline. 

We also checked the amount of water fleas as these are at the bottom of the food chain. If there are lots of them, it means the water is healthy. We found in one sample of water that there were hundreds of them showing it was very healthy. 

We also tested how visible the water was with an opal clear test. We found the water was 10/12 on average, which is very good and clear. 

Finally, we tested the oxygen levels and found there was around 50-70% oxygen, which could also help to support life. 

We did this through our Science Vision: 

Be academic. 

Be curious. 

Be practical. 

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