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Can you see the sound?

Tull class have been exploring how we can see, feel and hear sound.

In the last 3 weeks in Tull Class, we have been investigating sound. We started by looking at what sound actually is and how it travels. We discovered that sound is all about vibrations and travels as sound waves across 3 mediums; solid, liquid and gas. We related our learning of how sound travels in mediums to particle arrangement. Sound travels fastest in solids as the vibrations can travel quickly when the particles are compactly arranged. 

We then went on to investigate how we can see, hear and feel sound. We can hear sound through vibrations being carried by the particles in the air reaching our ears and bouncing off our eardrums, sending signals to our brains. We can feel sounds by touching our voicebox on our throat and when we speak, it vibrates. Finally, as shown in this experiment, we can see sound by using a tuning fork vibrating in water. The louder you bang the tuning fork, the more vibrations there are, the more the water jumps in the container.

We did this through our Science Vision:

Be academic. Be curious. Be practical.

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