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Attendance and Punctuality

At St George's, we say:

We are together.

Being together means that we attend school every day. We know that every minute of a child's education counts. We know that pupils who attend school more regularly have the best opportunity to live out our vision statement and:

Be great. 

Rewarding High Attendance

At St George's, we value high attendance. We give certificates for pupils whose attendance is 100% each half term. In our school newsletters, we publish the highest attending class and compare our weekly school attendance to our target for the year, which is an ambitious 97%. At St George's, we are aiming for our attendance to be above pre-Covid levels. 


With every minute counting, we also expect children to arrive on time and ready for learning. In our classes, we start learning from the moment the pupils enter their classroom. Gates open from 8:45am and close at 8:50am.

Working with Lewisham

At St George's, we are lucky enough to work with an attendance officer from Lewisham. Laura is on site every other week and reviews pupils' attendance. If percentages are dropping she will meet to offer support and remind parents of their statutory duties regarding attendance. 

Our Policy

Please click on the attachment below to view our Attendance and Punctuality Policy.