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Early Years and Foundation Stage

Be an Explorer. 
Be a Trier. 
Be a Talker. 
Be a Creator.   

Our EYFS Curriculum Vision Statement

Be an explorer. Be a trier. Be a talker. Be a creator.


Our intent is to deliver the learning, development and care outlined in the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2021), augmented with powerful knowledge carefully selected to build upon our pupils’ starting points of cultural capital.  


All areas of our curriculum are implemented using ten principles of effective instruction outlined in our Teaching Touchstones, which work in symbiosis with the Gradual Release Towards Independence model for teaching.  

In the Early Years we work to provide for our children the broad range of knowledge and skills that will supply ‘the right foundation for good future progress through school and life’ (Statutory Framework EYFS 2021). The four guiding principles of the EYFS shape our practice: the uniqueness of each child; the importance of positive relationships; an enabling environment; and the recognition that children learn and develop at different rates. 

We are passionate about providing a curriculum that allows our children to learn through high quality, play based, inquiry-led learning, with access to a stimulating, language-rich, indoor and outdoor environment.  


The impact of our curriculum is directly aligned to our whole school vision and culture statements, as well as the EYFS vision statement and the aims and purposes set out in the EYFS statutory framework (2021) 

We say to our pupils: 

Be an explorer

This means we want our pupils to: 

Be brave: 

  • Ask questions about the world around them. 
  • Explore the world around them, having the confidence to access and experience the full range of learning experiences offered to them.  
  • Have the bravery to let curiosity guide them to further learning and exploration. 

Be great: 

  • Find their own answers to questions through their inquiry led learning and exploration. 

  • Think about, and reflect on, new learning, using this as a foundation for further exploration.

Be you: 

  • Enjoy independently choosing their own new experiences, further learning and challenges. 

  • Have confidence in finding out about their own unique place in the world and be comfortable with the uniqueness of others.

Be a trier 

This means we want our pupils to: 

Be brave: 

  • Have-a-go and use a growth mindset when faced with challenges. 

Be great: 

  • Persist, undeterred by set-backs.

  • Be resilient, enjoying and seeking out new challenges. 

Be you: 

  • Be able to keep on going - even if nobody else wants to.


Be a talker 

This means we want our pupils to: 

Be brave: 

  • Initiate verbal communication with others. 

  • Ask questions willingly. 

  • Offer ideas confidently.

  • Offer explanations clearly. 

Be great 

  • Learn, and be both keen and confident to use, new vocabulary. 

  • Enjoy conversation and hold high-quality back-and-forth exchanges with both adults and friends. 

Be you: 

  • Be willing, able and confident to express and explain their own personal opinions.

  • Be willing, able and confident to express and explain their own personal feelings. 

Be a creator 

This means we want our pupils to: 

Be brave: 

  • Be willing to engage with new ways of learning, creating, and interacting, across all areas of the curriculum. 

Be great:  

  • Be able to develop their own new ideas, working towards their own creative, imaginative and inventive outcomes. 
  • Be interested in, and respond constructively to, the creativity of others. 

Be you: 

  • Be confident to show, share and discuss their own new ideas, inventions and creations. 

Links for Parents

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