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Extra Curriculum Offer

Our vision statement says: 

“Be brave. Be great. Be you” 

At George’s, we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities from being outside playing a fun, competitive football game on our specialised astro turf pitch, to relaxing with a book in a comfy seat in our library. We recognise the importance of expanding horizons, and believe our clubs offer the chance for children to ‘be brave’ by challenging themselves to try something new. As our clubs are related to our subjects, they offer all St George’s pupils an opportunity to ‘be great’ as they get extra weekly practice and participate in activities where they can learn to excel. We recognise the importance of children being able to express themselves, to ‘be you’, and with the variety of activities offered there is something for all to flourish individually.   


Our culture statement says: 

“We are fun. We are together.” 

At St George’s ‘we are fun’, hence all our clubs focus on the element of enjoyment. As ‘we are together’, we offer clubs to all year groups, with only a selection of clubs targeting a single year group. This allows children to make new friends, as well as working collaboratively with children from different parts of the school. We proudly offer 3 free places for pupils in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant. Please contact the office to find out more.  

Below is a list of the exciting clubs on offer this year: 


Multi Skills











Lab Life


Reading and Creative Writing 



Little Leaders

So sign up and challenge yourself to learn a new skill this year!