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Pupil Leadership

At St. George's, our vision statement says:

Be brave.  Be great.  Be you.

To fulfil this call to action and culture statement for our pupils, it is incredibly important that the children of St. George's have a voice. 

To 'Be great', requires great leadership.  Step forward, St. George's pupil leadership team. 

Senior Pupil Leadership Team

Members Election Process Responsibilities

Head Boy and Head Girl

  • Elections take place annually.
  • Pupils complete an application form
  • Applications are short-listed by HT/DHT
  • Applicants are interviewed by HT/DHT
  • Head Boy and Head Girl are chosen by SLT
  • Serve as a role model for students
  • Share pupils’ ideas with the school’s leadership team
  • Help make decisions about how the school is run
  • Welcome visitors to the school
  • Make presentations in assembly
  • Support in planning events
  • Represent the school at public functions with school staff

Extended Pupil Leadership Team

Members Election Process Responsibilities


School Council

  • Elections take place annually
  • Pupils put their own name forward
  • Pupils prepare a speech
  • Pupils present their speech to their class
  • Classes vote for a male and female school council candidate via ballot
  • Two representatives are chosen.  One male and one female.
  • Represent the views of their classmates and all pupils
  • Contribute to pupil voice
  • Attend fortnightly meetings
  • Help organise charity events
  • Carry out the ideas that have been agreed upon

Members Election Process Responsibilities


Parent Ambassadors

  • Year 6 pupils are chosen annually by HT/DHT/SLT
  • Represent the school at parent evenings
  • Supporting at school events such as Diversity Evening and the Annual Art Exhibition.

Members Election Process Responsibilities


Little Leaders

  • Pupils complete an application form
  • Miss Michell and Mr Bayne read the applications
  • 10 children are selected to be Little Leaders
  • Meet with Miss Michell on a Tuesday lunchtime and learn how to run and deliver fun multi-skill games
  • Run these games for the Fit4Life club every Monday after school. 
  • On a rota as Playground buddies to support Year 1 and 2 lunchtimes. 
  • In the summer they also plan and deliver a multi-skills event for EYFS and KS1. 

Members Election Process Responsibilities


Faith Group

  • Elections take place annually
  • Pupils put their own name forward
  • Classes vote
  • Two representatives are chosen.  One male and one female.
  • Lead worship and prayer at the Church, eg. Harvest, Easter
  • Support  with organisational aspects of special church and school festivals, eg. Lenten fundraising 
  • Create  prayers for worship (including our St George's School Prayer), wreaths for Remembrance, Easter Gardens for Easter.
  • Provide pupil  feedback on worship and RE related aspects of the curriculum.
  • Highlight and advocate for causes that are important and meaningful to the school community, eg. working with the School Council to co-create a school Eco-Charter
  • Help ensure the school is environmentally friendly

Members Election Process Responsbilities



  • At the start of each term, volunteers are sought from KS2
  • Pupils express interest
  • Miss MacAlpine selects 10 librarians.  These change on a termly basis
  • Each lunchtime there are 2 librarians.
  • They open the library 1.00-1.20pm.
  • They monitor the noise level.
  • They help children to locate books.
  • They issue books to the children.
  • They tidy the bookshelves and help keep the library orderly.

Members Election Process Responsibilities
Refuse and Recycling
  • Pupils are chosen on a termly basis by Miss Michell
  • Once a week, Year 5 children collect the recycling bins and take them to Ben, our Premises Officer, who them empties them. They then have to return them to the class. Each child has a designated bin they are responsible for. 
  • Children have designated bins around the school that they are responsible for
  • Once a week, they collect the recycling bins
  • They work with the Premises Officer emptying them
  • Empty bins are then returned to the class