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Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium?

The Pupil Premium is extra funding given to schools by the government to help raise the attainment of pupils.

It is paid to schools according to the number of pupils who have been registered as eligible for free school meals at any point in the last 6 years or have been in care for 6 months or longer. 

As part of the pupil premium allocations and conditions of grant for 2021 to 2022, schools are now required to:

  • demonstrate, from the next academic year, how their spending decisions are informed by research evidence (condition 7)
  • use the strategy statement templates to publish their pupil premium strategy (condition 8)

Our Statement of Intent for the Strategic Spending of the Pupil Premium:

Our vision statement: Be brave. Be great. Be you.

Our culture statement: We are fun. We are together.

In our curriculum vision statement, we say we want all of our pupils to be able to:

Be brave: Be inspired and be an inspiration; be courageous advocates; set ambitious goals and targets; take on challenges; seize opportunities outside of their current experiences; apply the learner qualities: persist and growth mindset.

Be great: Achieve well academically; be ready for the next stage of learning and life; fulfil their potential; be successful in their future; have a broad vocabulary; acquire powerful knowledge and use it; gain cultural capital; apply the learner qualities: curious and reflect.

Be you: Know their voice is important and listen to other’s too; respect themselves and others; feel safe; be proud of the cultural capital they bring to our community; take responsibility for their actions; apply the learner qualities: self-aware.

We are fun. We are together: Live a healthy lifestyle; look after their mental health; celebrate together and share in each other’s successes; show empathy and act well; live well and disagree well; feel part of something; celebrate diversity; apply the learner qualities: connect and use feedback.

Ultimately, our intention is that every child, irrespective of their background or challenges they face, fulfils the ambitious criteria set out in our vision statement. We have a clear, shared belief that securing good progress and achievement across all subjects is the strongest indicator of the impact of our pupil premium strategy plan as our core purpose is to educate our pupils.

High-quality first teaching for all is at the heart of our approach, with a focus on areas in which disadvantaged pupils require the most support. This is proven to have the greatest impact on closing the disadvantage attainment gap and at the same time will benefit the non-disadvantaged pupils in our school.

High-quality first teaching for all is also particularly pertinent for our school, where a high proportion of its pupils (49%) are in receipt of the pupil premium. We believe that the additional provision delivered through the Pupil Premium strategy should encompass all children who we know to be disadvantaged and vulnerable, not just the children in receipt of the funding. 

Our strategy is also integral to wider school plans for education recovery, notably in its targeted support through the National Tutoring Programme for pupils whose education has been worst affected, including non-disadvantaged pupils.

Please click on the attachments below to see our strategy statement.