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SIAMS Report

As a Church of England school, St. George's CE Primary has a Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS inspection). 

St. George's was inspected in January 2024 and was given the highest judgement, which states: 

Through its vision and practice, the school is living up to its foundation as a Church school and is enabling pupils and adults to flourish.

Please find the inspection report attached at the bottom of this page.

Below are some of the highlights taken from the report, which is incredibly positive:

Life at St George’s:

‘The school is a sanctuary.’

‘The school is a harmonious community. Love, joy and appreciation are strikingly commonplace.’

‘Pupils and adults are known exceptionally well.’

‘Diversity is promoted and seen as a gift from God.’

‘The entire school community dances together weekly.’

‘Relationships are exemplary.’

‘A culture of unity and joy is fostered and continually promoted.’

‘Pupil voice and advocacy is of great importance to leaders.’

‘The school facilitates a foodbank that pupils feel privileged to be able to host.’


Learning at St George’s:

‘All are enabled to thrive, regardless of their starting point.’

‘pupils succeeding academically as well as developing spiritually, morally, socially and culturally.’

‘pupils have rich learning experiences.’

‘They are encouraged to persist and to have a growth mindset.’

‘A focus on developing a rich vocabulary.’

‘Pupils are able to see their varied backgrounds and cultures reflected in the texts and resources they learn from.’

‘Sports clubs and art enrichments, culminating in community tournaments and exhibitions, bring the vision to an inspirational life’


Religious Education at St George’s:

‘Religious education (RE) is exemplary.

‘Pupils’ religious literacy is exceptional.’

‘Pupils have a very strong understanding of world faiths.’

‘Even the youngest pupils are able to articulate their understanding of religious stories’

‘Pupils are effectively supported to deepen their thinking.’

‘Their achievement in RE surpasses expectations.’